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Our vision is to make continuous improvement available and effective to everyone, where big business doesn’t depend on organisation size

Our Values

When you change someone’s behaviour, you change their action and in turn the end result. As Henry Ford once said, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got”.

The reason we value Visual Management products over digital metrics is that it brings teams together, to promote engagement, motivation and responsibility which then translate into increased productivity and quality of work.

Our main focus when it comes to continuous improvement is the people who will implement it, as behind the perfect process are persistent people.


All our designs will also comply with any branding guidelines you have.


At UBIX, with our backgrounds in Operational Engineering and Management, Organisational Psychology and Graphic Design we can design inviting boards, designed specifically for you, that are easy to use and most importantly, will work.

In the ever-changing climate of continuous improvement, if you need to update or adjust your visual management board design, we can easily replace the design without having to replace the entire board, avoiding any unnecessary downtime.


Michael Meagher

Director-Swift Print, Dynamic & Flexible Marketing, Design & Print Solutions to Business, Consultant in Lean

I offer a wealth of expertise in engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain management with over 25 years’ manufacturing experience and 20 years in Lean consultancy. Having held senior roles in engineering, operations and general management internationally, Michael I successfully Implemented a number of change initiatives including Lean/WCM Programs, New Product Development and Introduction, Process Re-Engineering, Organisational Change/Restructuring and TPM.

Hannah Meagher

Co-Director with BA in Psychology, Graphic Designer

I advise on the best route for the organisation, layout and visual aesthetic for your Bespoke Visual Management Whiteboards. Leveraging my experience in Lean Manufacturing design and knowledge of cognitive and behavioural psychology, I make our whiteboards intuitive to use, visually appealing and incredibly effective in driving change initiatives and Lean/Operations programs.

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