Align goals and integrate improvement initiatives

Kaizen and incremental everyday improvements

Identify constraints and bottlenecks within a process

Implement countermeasures to process constraints

Implementation and maintenance of 5S/6S programs.

Implement and assess identified solution

Integrate successful solution into everyday practice

Get long term results by continually repeating the process


Using the Roadmap to Operational Excellence.

Achieving Operational Excellence means following a continuous series of improvement cycles, identifying opportunities, driving waste elimination, standardising processes and building the approach into and through the organisation. But where do I start?

Finding an opportunity for change

No business has problems, there’s only opportunity for change and a unique culture that determines how quickly that change can be integrated.

We’ve identified 4 possible starting points


Strategic Development where a new product, process or business alignment provides an opportunity for doing things differently.

Problem Solving, where there exists a universally identified and acknowledged constraint on performance.


Workplace organisation is a non threatening starting point for clearing the decks, making things visible and getting the organisation on the same page, ready for change.

Performance Management identifies and communicates the areas that are available for improvement to existing teams.


Once you’ve started, the organisation needs to be coached and managed into integrating the approach and philosophy into the foundation of their way of working. Follow the road map through the steps, using the tools and techniques to build each improvement into the process and use this process to develop the organisation into Operational Excellence.

We believe that Visual Management systems are fundamental to managing change because they

  • can be locally developed and targeted
  • can be easily changed and updated
  • clearly communicate,
  • are easily understood
  • Are non threatening
  • Are very, very effective.