Visual Management.

We design, print and produce all our bespoke boards in house, from Visual management Boards, Shadow Boards and our material Control products such as Labels and Floor markings and Graphics. All our bespoke boards are designed to your specifications, if you’re interested in any of our boards or have your own design you need made a reality, contact us today!

Visual Management For Operational Excellence.

Applicable to any process, our bespoke Visual Management Whiteboards and Tools will help improve communication, encourage action and fostering creativity and innovation.

Our Visual Management Boards can be made for:



Kore, an Irish Insulation Manufacturer were looking for an easy and effective way to Track their fleet of delivery vehicles, so we developed a transport magnetic whiteboard with truck shaped magnets. Each of the magnets have the truck and driver details for excellent transport management.

On successful implementation of the transport whiteboard, we developed a quality board to help Kore maintain a standard workflow in their process.


Glanbia are a sustainability and quality focused international organisation who were established in Ireland. With a multitude of processes and high standards expected due to the large scope of production within Glanbia, they needed systems to help track their problem resolution and maintenance.

They needed a mobile root cause analysis diagram that can be taken around each area of the plant. Not only did we develop the Root Cause structure and layout, we supplied them with a magnetic sheet with a dry-wipe decal that can be stuck to their machinery for on the go problem resolution. We also developed a simple Maintenance Board to help track general processes in the organisation such as Health and Safety.


Astellas is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies based in Ireland who wanted a comprehensive Problem Solving Tool to use in their warehouse. We developed this design which is a series of eight steps but includes the tried and tested root cause techniques such as the Ishikawa Fishbone among others.

Astellas is an organisation that values the philosophies of Lean Manufacturing and so we helped them design and install an entire feature wall detailing their Lean journey.

The Mainline

For The Mainline Group we designed an escalation board that is used to track all aspects of their process including Safety, Material Shortages, Quality and Downtime. Along with these trackers there is also an actions section where each change champion can log their action to improve the process.

This board allowed for a clean and organised way to move away from the use of individual sheets of paper to something that can be re-used, recorded easily with a picture as well as looking great.

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