Strategy development is when you have a vision of what you would like the organisation to achieve or change. In Strategy development, one uses the data and insights from process analysis to integrate a system that will start the desired change. The biggest reason new strategies fall through within organisations is never due to a lack of ability but rather through the lack of a solid, fleshed out plan. It follows the old idiom if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.


There are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration when implementing a new strategy. You need to ask yourself; Is it a competitive/marketing strategy to determine a position in the market or is it a manufacturing focused strategy where the position established in the market needs to be held?

Each strategy needs a degree of flexibility due to the highly competitive business environment, changes may need to be rapid. Once you know where you stand with your strategy type, you can start making some decisions on the context of the strategy.

These decisions include:

This decision effects decisions on the facility, process and capacity as it is needed to identify what needs to be made in house or what can be brokered.

These decisions deal with what has to be made, how much is needed, what will be used to make it and when and how will it be achieved according to customer demand?

These decisions are on which type of system should be employed. What is the focus? Is the focus process focus, repetitive focus, product focus or mass customisation focus?

The decisions here are focused on the layout of the facility being used, dos the layout need to be reorganised or restructured for optimum process efficiency. Geographical location may also be a considerably big factor if the facility is new.

This decision is in regards to the guidelines and systems set for the organisation, management and maintenance of the process.

Another core decision to be made is, does the process require any specific skills, incentives or reward systems?

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